Stress in school: a problem that needs to be solved.

Abr 12 2016

Stress is a problem that affects all human beings, especially in schools This is a problem that need to be solved, it is produced by many factors that the school should change, that way the students do not get to tragic things that anyone should do, so if they pay attention to all these factors, the schools in general should change to reduce the stress in school because the homework, the social pressure and the long periods of classes are causing it.

The first thing that produces us more stress in the school is homework, because the teachers leave us too many assignments and most of the times are from one day to another, sometimes the teachers leave homework that they never teach in class and we do not know if what we bring to class is good or

not. Also, teachers do pop quizzes and other things that are surprise,and then they ask why do we lose the subject or why we lose that work, quiz, etc., this is not fair to us, because we have many concerns in the school, and additional to the fact that the school continues to send us homework day by dayand they never stop, we also have extracurricular activities! so a solution can be to send homework in a less amount and not to send homework every day, in this way the education system will become more productive and it will benefit both the student and the teacher.

The second big thing that produces us a lot of stress in school is the social pressure, which is a problem that many students suffer from; most of the students suffer from bullying because of their physical appearance or by their personality, for example: when you are very shy or a very applied person in school and people start to call you nerd or names like that, you become more stressed, and that produces a lot of pressure in a student, also if people do not accept you like you are, it can produces you psychological problems that will want you to commit suicide, stress, depression and anxiety disorders to the victim, the consequences of this also depends on the personality of the abused child, so this makes it harder for the student to face school.

The third reason is that the long periods of classes are very long, it overwhelms us, on top of that, the teachers send us homework, and for some students it is difficult because they get home late, they need to do all the homework they leave and they go to bed at 11-12 pm, the students do not have the necessary rest to face the next day in the school routine, get up at 5 o’clock in the morning. and that for a student is very difficult to face in the school because they don´t have the same desire to go to study, since every day is the same, and to sum it all up is that in the classroom there aren’t any fans and when the day is very hot the classrooms are too hot, so we suffocate there, the solution would be that the school buys some fans or implement a program in which we have classes outside the classroom.

In conclusion, the school brings a lot of pressure to every student, so the school should make a better system by adjusting the weak points that we mentioned, they should do the periods of classes shorter, get out of the school earlier, that way students can get home earlier and have time to do homework and whatever they want to do, also it is important for teachers not to leave too much homework from one day to another, so that way students will not have much pressure and they could concentrate on what really matters, which is “studying”.