Risk or Challenge?

Nov 26 2015

No matter their social, economic, physical or cultural condition, children have the right to be protected and taught to face and overcome risky and challenging situations they experienced on a daily basis. The unit of inquiry Sharing the Planet was designed for our third graders to share their comprehensions and reflect on this topic.

The movie “Children of Heaven” by Majid Majidi, produced by Amir Esfandiari back in 1997, was the mind bending upon which students came up with interesting connections as profound reflections about the concepts of rights and equality, coupled with the ways they influence their real lives. Students fleshed their comprehensions out with different sources such as songs, drama plays and news which accounted for the central idea of the unit.

Active participation in a round table offered the students the chance to share ideas in light of the lines of inquiry about risks and challenges, which they identified in some stories, chose by them with the librarian guidance. They drew conclusions about the ways children overcome the situations described also identify the organizations that could contribute to resolve certain hard situations related to children’s rights.

Third graders were involved in a variety of learning experiences such as carrying out surveys about risks and challenges at school, holding a lab practice about body care and illnesses, participating in a work table together with the directive staff where some questions and doubts about the way they support children at school, were clarified. All those experiences became the necessary input for them to build up enduring understandings which led them to design innovative products like brochures, posters, and gazettes as part of their summative assessment.

Through the development of this unit of inquiry our children became aware of their privileges compared to other children, and therefore now they have the CHALLENGE to encounter their own actions which will contribute to equality.  IMG 20151028 085820958

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