May 16 2016

Parents, teachers and almost everybody tells teenagers to use condoms when they have sex, but why use condoms? Well, condoms are effective against sexually transmitted infections, they provide protection from unwanted pregnancy and they increase people’s sense of responsibility.

Condoms prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that are passed from one person to another when they have unprotected sex or genital contact. This contraception method (condoms) is one of the best methods to reduce (not eliminate) the risk of having a sexual infection such as Herpes, AIDS/HIV, HPV or Gonorrhea. However, for those that do not have cure, there are medicines that control the symptoms like pain when urinating and ulcers. Herpes is a very common sexual infection that is caused by two different but similar viruses, HSV1 and HSV2. They stay in the body for all the life and can produce symptoms that can come and go.

Most of the people that don't have a safe sex get several diseases such as Herpes. There are two types of Herpes, Oral Herpes and Genital Herpes, the first is most often caused by HSV1 where the Herpes the infection is near to the mouth, and the second type of Herpes is mostly produced by HSV2 and the infection is near the sex organs.

Furthermore, there are sexual transmitted diseases that can affect other systems different to the reproductive system for example ADIS/HIV. HIV is an immunodeficiency virus, this means that it breaks the immune system (the body’s protection against any virus), HIV causes people to become sick with infections or viruses that normally wouldn't affect them. AIDS if the most advanced stage of HIV, at this stage the person have a very big possibility to acquire an immune deficiency syndrome. On the other hand, they can get a not notable symptoms infection like Gonorrhea, it is an infection caused by a special kind of bacteria that is transmitted during sexual contact and it can infect the sexual organs. Normally, Gonorrhea has no symptoms. Most of people don't notice that they have the infection, especially women.

About 85% of sexually active women who don't use contraceptives become pregnant within a year. Unwanted pregnancy mostly occurs when there is no condom protection during sex. Latex condom is the only contraceptive method considered highly effective for the risk of having an unexpected pregnancy, there is no method of contraception that gives 100% of protection for an unwanted pregnancy. Many people think that condoms promote promiscuous behavior in teenagers or new couples, but they don’t, condoms have increased the awareness of couples at sex making them more prepared and responsible in their sexual activities. Nowadays people’s condoms knowledge have increased, making them more conscious about the risk of having sex without condoms. Also condoms have decreased the rate of teenage pregnancy, violation pregnancy, and adult unwanted pregnancy.

The first step of taking responsibility is to consider the risk of having a different life than what one person dreamed of because a pregnancy, many people (specially teenagers) have decided to be responsible at any sexual relationship and decide how would their future be, avoiding a huge risk of having a sexual transmitted disease or an unexpected pregnancy. Schools, hospitals and even the church are teaching the future generations to be conscious and responsible at sex, and avoid diseases or pregnancy. Condoms are the most effective way to decrease the risks of “damaging” or “losing” a dream life, all condoms promote the sense of responsibility and the confidence for having safe sexual relations.

To sum up, most people through the years have been more conscious on how to use condoms consistently and correctly. Therefore, many people have avoid several diseases and unwanted pregnancy because condom safe sex, in the same way condoms have safe people´s life dreams and future life expectation.


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