Polar Exploration: Amazing Project!

It all started when we neeed to work on the formative assessment for the 4th unit of inquiry called “Where we are in place and time”. The teacher told us to choose an exploration and inquire about  it, so I chose the polar exploration because it has been the longest exploration carried out in time because every 30 years the Allan family continues working on it by going to Alaska and measuring the weather and analyzing any changes there might be.  

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1,2,3 SOLD!


Third grade students simulated an arts auction; they created masterpieces and sold them to the best bidder. They learned about the concepts of causation, production and trade.

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Enviromental and Scientific awareness of local ecosystems


As part of the unit of work on biology called population ecology, the three-year groups of MYP made a field trip to the wetland “la conejera” aiming for generating a scientific and environmental sensibility of our local environments. At the same time, students explored the biological richness and applied their reflections and knowledge determining the bird’s diversity in that ecosystem.

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