Why we shouldn't have homework

Abr 12 2016

School. There are friends, teachers, classes, food and break, but there is something that no one likes; HOMEWORK. Homework has been around since we have a memory, and we´ve always hated it, that´s why we think of many reasons to avoid it, that´s why we want to tell you three reasons why we shouldn´t get homework. First, we will talk about time, time is gold and we need to distribute it the best we possibly can. Concentration, this is what makes everyone able to learn and study, that is why with a lot of homework we lose focus, also we can have some health issues, like stress and even eat unhealthy food because of focusing on too much homework. So those are the main reasons why we think we shouldn’t have homework.

Have you ever felt tired because you couldn`t sleep well doing one homework at night? Well, that happens to a lot of people nowadays that do extracurricular activities or have to do other important stuff to do to do, it's repetitive that we get home late or cannot do homework at a good time. Imagine this, without homework that wouldn´t happen! and we could spend the time we have with other stuff that may be more important than doing homework, yes, there are things that are more important than homework and more useful for our time, almost everything is, why? Because we are 6 to 9 hour out of our home, and 4 to 6 of those ours are only in classes, which makes it illogical to send us homework when most of our day we are studying. Homework is a big part of our grade, which makes some people not be able to pass classes, which gets you to lose more time on the recovery to get pass your grade. With all that summed up, we conclude here that the time you are losing only by homework is impressive and really bad because after all, TIME IS GOLD.

Concentration and discipline is fundamental in order to have success, without them only some students would be able able to have a nice and good life, why? Because without concentration you would not be able to pay attention in class and lose what you learned in that class, that can happen with every class and you will not be able to pass the school year. Sometimes we don’t sleep enough because we are doing homework, which means we are tired in class and sleeping during all of it, causing us to miss important stuff, such as events and spend time with friends and family.Let`s not leave begind, that oo much homework may cause us to forget other homework, important projects or even studying for the final test. That is why homework makes us lose our focus and a lot of concentration.

You may not believe it, but homework also has something to do with health, the most common example is stress, most people cannot handle a lot of responsibilities, which takes them to stress out. This is bad for you, primarily in a young age where it can really hurt you. You can get sick and you will not be able to do your homework because you are trying to recover from the sickness you have, this makes you have to work harder later after missing the classes and also the homework that you have pending. Like we said before, homework doesn’t give you much time to do other things, like exercising, eating healthy, or even do entertaining activities such as bowling oe going to the movies.

In conclusion, we wish you understood the reasons why we think nobody should have or think about homework ever again in their life and make the lives of the new generations a bit better, allowing them to be able to learn and do more things than what we can`t have access to right now. Always remember that, time is gold, concentration is a key to success and health is important for everyone and everything.


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