Abr 12 2016

Given the transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the planet and its central idea: "Life depends on the interaction of organisms with their environment" children of fourth grade performed a series of experiments with plants to determine how they can grow and develop in different conditions: rocks, soil, light, without light, water, without water, etc.

The experiment consisted of two recreated micro ecosystems that included two plants in two glass containers. They used as materials: small rocks, soil and small plants.

The objective was to compare the timelines of each plant growth in its container according to the environment and variables. For example, some of them used soil, while others used sand; some used succulent plants while others used flowering plants; and other groups put the plants inside a box without light.

Each group had to propose a hypothesis about what might happen to the plant, basically if the plant could grow satisfactorily according to the habitat in which it had been put.

During the course of the experiment, which lasted about five weeks, the children made their research according to three main criteria: the interdependence between organisms and their environment, knowing about our surrounding allows its conservation, and human interaction with the environment and its effects. They also connected their prior knowledge to the key and related concepts: reflection, responsibility, conservation and interdependence.

The children presented their experiments, hypotheses and conclusions in the Science Fair held last Monday February 22nd, third and fifth graders attended the event. Within their exhibitions kids communicated their ideas and impressions, highlighting the importance of environmental care to enjoy the benefits that our planet offers.

Finally, it was an opportunity to appreciate what children understood and reflected through the different learning experiences made in each class, under the accompaniment of their homeroom and specialized teachers. At the same time kids demonstrated different skills like teamwork, organization, observation and important profile attributes of the IB community as courageous, knowledgeable, open-minded, good communicators and thinkers.

Congratulations fourth grade team (students + teachers) for your excellent work of inquiry and learning process!!

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