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Why we shouldn't have homework

School. There are friends, teachers, classes, food and break, but there is something that no one likes; HOMEWORK. Homework has been around since we have a memory, and we´ve always hated it, that´s why we think of many reasons to avoid it, that´s why we want to tell you three reasons why we shouldn´t get homework. First, we will talk about time, time is gold and we need to distribute it the best we possibly can. Concentration, this is what makes everyone able to learn and study, that is why with a lot of homework we lose focus, also we can have some health issues, like stress and even eat unhealthy food because of focusing on too much homework. So those are the main reasons why we think we shouldn’t have homework.

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APPLE: The best brand that ever existed

Apple is an international brand that sells technology devices and has an incredible demand. It’s one of the most sold and popular of all the technology brands. It was launched on April 1st, 1976 in California U.S, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, and Apple sells products like Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, etc. The reasons why this brand is sold is because its designs are attractive, innovating and useful.

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This Unit we are working "Idioms" in year 3 of MYP, and I asked for all students to create educational videos, that way it becomes a fun and useful activity for the community of Gimnasio del Norte.To my surprise, last Tuesday I received this amazing video made by the student María Paz Bohorquez.

María Paz wishes to share it with all of you, not only because of its creativity, but also because it is a technological tool that you can all start using for special projects. This webpage allows you to make wonderful presentations in video formats, there are tutorials in which you can learn how to create a video on your own, and they are completely personalized.

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7th grade represents multiculturalism in Gimnasio del Norte

On the 18th, 19th and 20th of November of 2015, the students of 7th grade finally finished their summative from their first unit. They did commercials to represent their country, they participated in the radio program to talk and advertise their country, and to wrap it all up they made a "Country Fair". This fair consisted of creating a poster and a menu (with the help of the MYP design teacher Erika Molano), an interesting oral presentation from their country, and healthy, delicious food that represents the gastronomy of their country (guided by the wonderful Science teacher Eduardo Camelo). Together, along with the help and intervention of some teachers, we created a wonderful first unit.

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