7th grade represents multiculturalism in Gimnasio del Norte

Nov 25 2015

On the 18th, 19th and 20th of November of 2015, the students of 7th grade finally finished their summative from their first unit. They did commercials to represent their country, they participated in the radio program to talk and advertise their country, and to wrap it all up they made a "Country Fair". This fair consisted of creating a poster and a menu (with the help of the MYP design teacher Erika Molano), an interesting oral presentation from their country, and healthy, delicious food that represents the gastronomy of their country (guided by the wonderful Science teacher Eduardo Camelo). Together, along with the help and intervention of some teachers, we created a wonderful first unit.

You might ask yourself “Why a country fair?” well…these kids had a hard job! Not only did they had to work on their oral skills, but also in their social skills, they had to talk to people from all over their school and sell their food to them, they had to think of useful selling strategies, some countries thought of selling "combos", some had free food samples to attract their costumers, some had their charisma and their persuasive skills to convince people to buy from them. Not only did this activity provided them a space to interact and connect with other school members, but they also get to inform and teach their school community useful information about multiculturalism, one of the basic principles of IB schools, we are creating an international mentality. These students were creative, they were communicators, and they were informed. As the language and literature teacher of 7th grade all I have to say is that I am very proud of all of them and I can´t wait to see how they´ll do on the projects to come.

Regarding the financial achievements, can you guess how much we made? Well…we made an approximate total of 950.000 pesos! That is a lot isn’t it?! Can you guess what we’ll do with that money? Well, the idea is that each of the classroom’s representatives talk with their classes and they will pick a fun and affordable activity, something that everyone can do, in order to generate more integration. Can you see that everything is possible? You just have to persist and be determined on your goals! What are you waiting for? Motivate your class and provide creative ideas!

Here are the winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the country fair and some special recognitions. These teams chosen did an outstanding job, they offered original food from their country, offered interesting nutritious facts (such as calories and contents), brought plenty of original decoration and accessories, and sold the most amount of food in their class, congratulations!  

7th A winners -

1st place: Germany: Sebastian Muñoz, Santiago Rojas and Tomas Gaviria

2nd place: France: Valentina Herrera and Laura Murcia

3rd place: Australia: María Paz Bohorquez and Isabella Venegas

Special recognitions:

• Mariana Sánchez: she was one of the only members of her class that dressed up appropriately, and considering she was not in a team and only by herself, she did a wonderful job, all her sushi sold out in a second!, congratulations Mariana!.

• Santiago Osorio, Juan Pablo Torrijos and Sebastian Gacha: these students brought some amazing Argentinian empanadas and made a wonderful and creative poster, we hope to see more of your work in upcoming projects!

7th B winners:

1st place: Aruba: Diego Martin, Santiago Suarez and Daniel Grisales

2nd place: Egypt: German Beltrán and Sebastian Fernández de Castro

3rd place: Arab Emirates: Julian Russi and Daniel Gutiérrez

Special Recognitions:

• Julieta Fernández, Mario Torres and Mateo Gutiérrez: They did a wonderful job representing Italy, and bringing original Italian food: pasta, lemonade and delicious pizza! Congratulations on your excellent job.

• Wanda Mierez and Jessica Valencia: They did a great job representing USA, their poster and menus were beautiful, good job on making such a great effort!

7th C winners:

1st place: Venezuela: Juan José López, Efraín Alvarado and José David Velandia

2nd place: Canada: Catalina Castiblanco and Isabella Caro

3rd place: Argentina: Juan Nicolás Cuellar, Ángela Barajas and Leidy Rodríguez

Special Recognitions:

• Samuel Vallejo: This student brought the healthiest food in the fair, he was also prepared with health facts. His posters and menus were also amazing, congratulations Samuel! Keep up the excellent work.

• Valentina Villa, Natalia Vesga and María del Mar Yunis: These three students from Scotland and the Vatican were very creative, they didn´t only sell food, they sold clothes, cute pets and accessories, they even rented a pope for 15 minutes, talking about creative selling! Good job girls!


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